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Baltimore Orioles vs Chicago White Sox Tickets

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Baltimore Orioles vs Chicago White Sox @ Camden Yards
You are too late! This event took place on 8/27/2012. We may still have Baltimore Orioles tickets available for other dates - search our website for Baltimore Orioles tickets.

Have you ever wondered when the best time to buy Baltimore Orioles tickets would be? We keep historical data on all of our events. In the case of this event, Baltimore Orioles vs Chicago White Sox on 8/27/2012, the best time to buy tickets was on 11/7/2011, 294 days before the event.

We first sold tickets for this event on Friday, September 16 2011. On Sunday, August 26 2012 the average ticket price had dropped to $19.69
Date # of tickets for sale Average ticket price
8/26/2012 16 $19.69
8/20/2012 311 $11.94
7/28/2012 395 $13.34
5/8/2012 406 $7.93
11/7/2011 134 $3.73
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