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NHL All Star Game Tickets

NHL All Star Game Tickets
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Join hockey fans from across the country at the 2009 NHL All Star Game hosted by Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. All 2009 NHL All Star Game tickets are guaranteed together unless specifically noted. In addition to All Star Game Tickets we also off All Star Game parking passes.
The NHL All-Star weekend, a tremendous event showcasing the top hockey players in the world, will not be played in 2010.

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver will take precedent, as NHL players leave their respective teams to represent their country in the world games.

Fear not, the NHL All-Star weekend will return better than ever in 2011 and you won't have to worry about another possible Winter Olympics interruption until 2014.

While it's disappointing to many fans that there will not be an All-Star game, at least your favorite stars and top players will still get the chance to compete on the Olympic stage.

The NHL is actually doing the best job they can of allowing the league's talented players to participate in the Olympics while causing the least disruption possible to the regular season.

One of the most disappointing parts about skipping this year's All-Star game is the events that go along with it that are created for the fans enjoyment and to introduce the game to youngsters.

The NHL All-Star game has grown in popularity not only in the United States but throughout the world ever since the change in format. Instead of the Eastern Conference facing off against the Western Conference, the North American All-Stars take on those from around the world. The game adds a little bit of national pride to the event even without the Olympics being involved.

Be sure to check back in 2011 for news on the NHL All-Star game and to buy your tickets from Great Seats!
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January 2017
NHL All Star Game
Staples Center - Los Angeles, CA
1/29/2017 TBA
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