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Oklahoma City Thunder Tickets

Oklahoma City Thunder Tickets
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The Oklahoma City Thunder are coming off another disappointing postseason in which they failed to make big plays when they needed them the most, and it's uncertain if the team will ever live up to its full potential.

Russell Westbrook appears healthy after battling a number of knee injuries last year, and Kevin Durant is at the top of his game after winning his first MVP award.

However, the team's trade of James Harden a couple of years ago and its reluctance to spend money loom large. It's also concerning that, even in an MVP year from Durant, the Thunder still couldn't even reach the NBA Finals.

Durant is a free agent in two years, and with the team continuing to come up short, there is already a lot of speculation that he will look to bolt when the time comes.

The Thunder remain a legitimate title contender. If not now, then when? San Antonio, among a host of others, still stand in their way, but no one has a duo as talented as Durant and Westbrook.
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