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Los Angeles Lakers Tickets

Los Angeles Lakers Tickets
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It's hard to criticize an organization that has had as much success as the Los Angeles Lakers, but this is a ship without a rudder.

This is the team that recently gave Kobe Bryant a big contract because he is their franchise player despite the fact that he is quickly aging, his body is breaking down and his production has dipped dramatically.

They also were, for some reason, allowing him to have a significant say in the head coaching search, which makes no sense considering he won't even be around in a couple of more years, if not sooner.

Pau Gasol left for Chicago in the offseason, which was at least one smart move by the Lakers. It takes an aging, declining player off their roster and frees up salary cap space to use in the future.

About the only thing to be excited about on the current roster is Julius Randle, who seems to be the only player that could be a part of a future contending team. Until then, the Lakers will flounder at the bottom of the Western Conference.
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