2013 Swearing In Ceremony

Steps of the US Capitol, Capitol Grounds, and the National Mall

January 21, 2013 (public event), 11:30am - 12:30pm

The Swearing In Ceremony will begin at 11:30am. The exact length of the ceremony depends upon the length of the President-elect's Inaugural speech. In past years the ceremony has lasted about one hour.

Ticket Pickup
Swearing In Ceremony tickets can be picked up from our office in Union Station. Please see our Ticket Pickup Page for more details.


Important Information about the Swearing In Ceremony

Extremely large crowds are expected for the Swearing In. Due to the large crowds and security screening checkpoints, we advise arrival to the ceremony as early as possible. Gates open at 8:00am.

There are four primary Metro stops being used for the Swearing In. Each stop corresponds to a different ticket section. NORTH STANDING and UNION SQUARE ticket holders are to use Judiciary Square. SOUTH STANDING and MALL STANDING ticket holders are to use Federal Center. SOUTH SEATED ticket holders are to use Capitol South. NORTH SEATED ticket holders are to use Union Station.

NEW FOR 2013: 2013 Inaugural App. Download this free app to your Smartphone to access a complete schedule of inaugural events, including event details & security restrictions, directions to event entrances, and even the location of bathrooms.

Map of Access Points and Ticketed Areas for the Swearing In Ceremony
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