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Frequently Asked Questions
When is the Inauguration?
The swearing in occurs at 12pm on January 20th.  In years where January 20th falls on a Sunday --like the upcoming 2013 event-- the inauguration may be held on January 21st.  The last time a public Inauguration was held on January 21st was in 1957 - the start of Dwight D. Eisenhower's second term.  In 1985 Ronald Reagan was privately sworn in for his second term on January 20th.  A public inauguration occurred the following day, Monday, January 21st.
What should I wear to the Inauguration?
There is no formal dress code for the Parade or the Sweaing in Ceremony.  The average temperature on Inauguration day is 37°F.  Please check the local weather forecast for Inauguration day.  In the event of rain keep in mind that ubrellas will NOT be allowed within the security perimeter.  There is a good chance that you will be able to find a vendor on the street selling ponchos.
Is the parade open to the general public/can I watch from the street?
Bleachers are erected along almost the entire parade route.  Because of this there are almost no areas where the parade can be viewed without a ticket.
What will security be like?
As with any event involving the president security will be very tight.  In 2009, there was unprecedented interest and demand for access to Barack Obama's historical inauguration so security measures were tighter than normal.  All handbags, purses, backpacks, babybags, etc., will be subjected to random searches and everyone attending the events will be required to pass through security screening stations.  Our best advice is to carry as little as possible with you to the events, be patient, and be prepared to be screened and/or searched.
When will tickets be available?
Tickets will be available to purchase from our website starting November 6, 2012.  Even though tickets can be purchased in advance, in most cases they will not be shipped/delivered until a week prior to the inauguration.
Can I bring my camera/cell phone to the festivities?
In the past cell phones and cameras have been permitted.  Please make sure to set your cell phone to "vibrate" prior to the start of the events.  Security this year is expected to be EXTREMELY tight so any big or bulky camera bags may be subjected to a search upon entering the security perimeter.
Where do you get the tickets you are selling?
Tickets are listed on our website by a variety of people - government employees, citizens who have obtained tickets, congressional pages, etc.  We provide a safe place for tickets to be bought and sold on the internet with a money back guarantee.

Many Capitol employees know that they will be receiving tickets and list them on our website ahead of the public release dates.  We guarantee the authenticity of all tickets listed on our website.
What is the best way to get to the Swearing in Ceremony/Parade?

Due to the large number of visitors attending events during the inaugural period, heavy traffic is expected.  Making matters worse will be the tight security that may result in road closings in the areas around the Capitol and parade route.  The easiest way to access the festivities is via Metro. For interactive maps of road closures, Metro acces and pedestrian routes, click HERE.
NOTE FOR 2013: DC Police will CLOSE the Third Street tunnel under the National Mall. No vehicles or pedestrians will be allowed to walk through the tunnel; it will only be accessible to emergency vehicles.

NEW FOR 2013: 2013 Inaugural App, available for Android or iPhone. Download this free app to your Smartphone to access a complete schedule of inaugural events, including event details, directions to event entrances, and even the location of bathrooms.

What is the difference between "official" and "unofficial" balls?
The "official" balls are organized and hosted by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies in honor of the newly-elected President.  In the past, these have included the Commander-in-Chief Ball, the Constitution Ball, the Freedom Ball, the Democracy Ball, the Independence Ball, the Liberty Ball, the Patriot Ball, and the Stars and Stripes Ball.

"Unofficial" balls and galas are hosted by any number of different organizations, including state societies, private industry, non-profit organizations and other special interest groups.  Many of these events are invitation or member only, with tickets for these balls not necessarily open to the public.
How will I get my Inaugural Tickets?

Most Inaugural tickets (particularly Swearing-In Ceremony tickets) will not be made available until the week of the event. When possible we will ship your Inaugural tickets in advance. Otherwise, all Inaugural event tickets will be available for pick up at the kiosk at Union Station in Washington, DC.

Someone from WILL CONTACT YOU via the phone number provided at the time of purchase to confirm the delivery method of your tickets, be it shipping or pick up at Union Station.

What is the refund policy for Inaugural Events?
Regardless of acts of nature or war, travel conditions, or any other circumstances beyond our control, ALL SALES ARE FINAL and NO REFUNDS will be issued. Tickets are like money and must be handled with extreme care. We are not responsible for tickets once they leave our possession. Please view our full Terms & Conditions page for more information.
Do children need tickets to attend the Swearing In Ceremony?

YES! Individuals attending the ceremony within the ticketed sections, both seated and standing areas, must have their own ticket, including children.  The exception applies only to infants too young to walk.  If your child has a ticket, please keep in the mind that the following items are PROHIBITED in the ticketed areas due to space and security reasons: strollers, carriages, backpacks, and other large bags.

People planning to bring their children and watch the event from the non-ticketed National Mall area can bring strollers and the other items otherwise prohibited in the ticketed areas.

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Ticket Pickup Information
Ticket Pickup Information 
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