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Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

Philadelphia Eagles Tickets
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The Philadelphia Eagles surprised a lot of people by winning the NFC East in Chip Kelly's first season as head coach, but what will they do for an encore?

Kelly's exciting offense lit the league up for the first few weeks, but Michael Vick's injury combined with adjustments by opposing defenses eventually slowed them down. Nonetheless, the absence of Vick meant giving Nick Foles the keys to the offense, and he certainly didn't disappoint. Foles had a breakout season and, for the moment, appears to be the franchise quarterback.

His job will be a little bit tougher in 2014 after the Eagles dumped DeSean Jackson, who wanted a big contract right around the same time stories began to leak about his issues in the locker room and off the field.

In a division that is mired in mediocrity, and that may be putting it nicely, the Eagles seem like the favorite to win the NFC East.
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