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Muse, the dramatic musical trio from the U.K., is plotting the first step toward world domination with a new tour in the New Year to promote their new album, The 2nd Law.

Dates for the tour are coming out fast and furiously, with more expected to be announced in the coming weeks. But to start, fans in the following cities can be smug about being included in the first round of shows: Jan. 21 in San Diego; Calgary in Alberta, Canada on Feb. 4; Feb. 23 in Tampa; March 4 in Chicago; in Boston on April 12; Madison Square Garden in NYC on April 15; and April 26 in Quebec City, just to name a few.

Muse's sixth album, The 2nd Law, derives its name from a scientific reference to the second law of thermodynamics having to do with the transfer of energy. Singer Matt Bellamy has a fascination with science, so the theory appealed to him. The band experiments with a number of musical styles on this album, which they describe as "something radically different" from previous releases. Their sound is characterized by a blend of electronic, dance, rock and orchestral arrangements, infusing their live performances with tremendous drama.

August 2016
Jack Gilpin & Andre Watts - An Unlikely Muse
Martin Theater At Ravinia - Highland Park, IL
8/30/2016 7:30PM
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