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Country star Faith Hill is one of the most successful acts to crossover from country to pop music, and then back again, following on the heals of Shania Twain, who emerged a few years before Hills heyday. Her massively popular tour with husband Tim McGraw has solidified that broad appeal for two summers and counting.

The beautiful singer landed the top of the Billboard Country Chart with her debut single, ""Wild One," from ""Take Me As I Am" in 1993. After meeting fellow country star McGraw on the Spontaneous Combustion Tour in 1996, she took some time to begin a family with him and returned to the spotlight in an even bigger way in 1998 with ""Faith." The hit album included the pop hit ""This Kiss" and a number of country hits.

Hill then began to infiltrate the mainstream media market by performing at the Academy and Grammy Award shows and the Super Bowl, and she became a CoverGirl model. In 2000, Hill found herself at the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart with ""Breathe," which featured the title track and ""The Way You Love Me" the album scored three Grammy Awards, including ""Best Country Album."

Fret not, country fans, Faith Hill did not succumb to the mainstream. In the past two years, Hill has made an effort to turn back to her country roots, a move that was marked by her 2005 album ""Fireflies" and the debut single ""Mississippi Girl." Since then, she has traveled with McGraw and their daughters on the Soul2Soul tours. Last years installment was the highest-grossing country music tour ever, bringing in $90 million.

In the past, the tour has found Hill performing a solo set and McGraw performing second, with duets in at the beginning, middle and end. While the pair has recorded several duets together, including ""Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me" and ""Lets Make Love," they also perform some covers together.
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