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Winter concert season is about to begin and many of your favorite artists are getting ready to hit the road. Some of our favorites are Bon Jovi, Joe Bonamassa and Sting, all headed across the country over the next few months. Hot upcoming tours like Coldplay, Green Day and Shawn Mendes are also drawing a lot of attention. Classics such as Art Garfunkel, Neil Diamond and Styx are also around all winter long. Good times start by buying Great Seats today!


Chris Cornell Reuniting With Audioslave For Anti-Inaugural Ball
Audioslave is reuniting to play The Anti-Inaugural Ball at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles on Friday, January 20th. The band hasn’t played together in 11 years. Also playing are Prophets of Rage, a rap-rock band featuring Audioslave/Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk, as well as Public Enemy’s Chuck D and DJ Lord, and Cypress Hill’s B-Real. Other acts performing at the ball include singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, comedian/singer Jack Black, rapper Vic Mensa, and the Los Angeles Freedom Choir. Singer Chris Cornell left Audioslave in February of 2007, citing musical and personality conflicts.
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Ozzy Preparing For Future
Ozzy Osbourne has been working on new material with Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens. He was quoted as saying that while he is doing some work with Stevens, that "He’s not gonna be in my band; he’s with Billy Idol." While finishing the farewell tour with Black Sabbath is his number one priority, Ozzy is looking ahead to post-Sabbath life, and has agreed to headline the third night of the Chicago Open Air festival in July, along with Kiss, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax.
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Tony Iommi Cancer in Remission
Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is doing well after having a non-cancerous lump removed from his throat. The guitarist, who is in remission from lymphoma, has released a new song with the Birmingham Cathedral Choir. The song features Iommi backing the choir on acoustic guitar. Black Sabbath will play the last 9 dates of their farewell tour overseas, with a date in Germany (1/17), Ireland (1/20), and 7 dates in England.
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Comedy Tickets

Warm up your funny bone with tickets to see comedians touring around the country. Comics like the enraged Lewis Black and puppet master Jeff Dunham command the stage and have audiences bursting with laughter. Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld have taken a leave from television and film to go out in front of live audiences as well. Lastly, Michael Carbonaro and Jeff Foxworthy are certainly "worthy" of your attention. Come laugh with us with tickets from

Lucky Fans Catch Incredible Comedy Show
If you happened to be at the famed Comedy Cellar in New York last Wednesday night, where famous comedians are known to just drop in, you saw what can only be described as a supergroup of comedy. Taking the stage were Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Dave Attell, Aziz Ansari, as well as host John Laster. Rock dropped in to work out some material for an upcoming special. Chappelle was there to see Seinfeld, and decided to go on as well. Schumer wasn’t scheduled to perform either but asked to go on so she could be part of the incredible gathering of talent.
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Dax Shepard Stars In CHiPs Reboot
Dax Shepard is starring in the movie "CHiPs", a reboot of the popular 70ís television show. Shepard will star as Jon Baker, with actor Michael Pena co-starring as Frank "Ponch" Poncherello. Kristen Bell and Maya Rudolph are also featured. As well as starring in the film, Shepard is also the writer and director. The movie debuts in theaters March 24th.
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Joseph Fiennes Cast as Michael Jackson
A minor stir has been caused by the casting of white actor Joseph Fiennes as pop star Michael Jackson in an episode of the British TV comedy show "Urban Myths". This all comes at a time when the Academy Awards are being criticized for the lack of diversity. Last year the consensus was that the Academy, which is 94% white, committed a huge snub by not giving a nomination to Ava DuVernay for Best Director for the movie "Selma". To his defense on being cast as Michael Jackson, Fiennes reminded people that it was a comedy, and called the project a "light tongue-and -cheek look" at pop culture icons. Fiennes also said that ď[Jackson] definitely had an issue ó a pigmentation issue ó and thatís something I do believe,Ē he explained. ďHe was probably closer to my color than his original color.Ē
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Sports Tickets

Fall and winter means sports and more sports. Perennial favorites like Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals are fun to watch in the Eastern Conference, while Western Conference darlings include The Dallas Stars and St Louis Blues. For the NBA season kick off, the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are still something to see.


Bautista Stays With Toronto
Six-time All-Star Jose Bautista has reportedly agreed to re-sign with the Toronto Blue Jays on a one-year, $18 million-dollar deal. The deal has at least one mutual option which potentially could make the deal three years. Bautista has been plagued by recent knee problems which made him miss over 40 games last year. The right-fielder has been testing the free agent waters, but with Edwin Encarnacion taking less money to go to the Indians, the Blue Jays may have had added incentive to shore up their lineup. This off-season Toronto has also signed DH Kendrys Morales and LF Steve Pearce.
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San Diego Moving Companies Protest the Chargers Relocation
Turning down what would be a very profitable job, San Diego moving companies have banded together and refused to move the San Diego Chargers to Los Angeles. Team president and CEO Dean Spanos announced the move on January 12th, and the response has been overwhelmingly negative. People in San Diego donít want the team to leave, people in Los Angeles donít want the team to come, and the new logo was so awful that it is already being replaced. An effort has been created by Ryan Charles, head of sales for the San Diego moving company, to prevent the team from physically leaving the city. So far, the protest campaign has gathered 27 moving companies that are refusing to move the team. The movement has even spread to Los Angeles, as moving companies there have voiced their solidarity with the San Diego companies, joining the ban as well. The ban may be more than a protest, as whatever company ends up moving the team may garner negative attention. To this day, the sight of a Mayflower moving truck still angers residents of Baltimore, whose NFL team was whisked out of town in the middle of the night by them 33 years ago when the owner moved the Colts to Indianapolis. Though the San Diego moving companies wonít succeed in keeping the Chargers in San Diego, they may succeed in making it more expensive and difficult to leave.
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Wizards Steady The Ship After Shaky Start
The Washington Wizards got off to a dreadful start this year. After starting off the year 0-3, and then 2-8, fans of the team were questioning the hiring of new coach Scott Brooks, and lamenting the teamís failure to land a big-name free agent. The team was so out of sync that radio shows talked about how high next yearís draft pick would be, and wondered out loud if the team should just "tank" the rest of the season. The team slowly started to click, however, and on December 30th, finally got to .500. The team is now fifth in the Eastern Conference, and on a 12-game home win streak, the current longest streak in the NBA. The team hasnít lost a game in DC since December 6th. Last season the team abandoned its tough defensive style, trying to mimic the popular offensive model teams like the Golden State Warriors were using. The change was a terrible idea as the Wizards didnít have the personnel in place to pull it off. Brooks has the team once again focusing on defense, just like the scrappy teams that made the playoffs in 2013 and 2014. The early season panic has worn off, and with the bench starting to contribute, the team is in a good position to make the playoffs this year.
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